Harvey Weinstein, Bill Clinton, Dr. Nassar, Charlie Rose: All sexual predators

While America’s sexual predators find themselves exposed to the light of day, our country faces deeper, graver consequences as to the treatment of women in America.

All of America knew Bill Clinton as a sexual predator.  Most of Hollywood knew Harvey Weinstein preyed on aspiring actresses.  No one knew about the Olympian gymnastics doctor who degraded young girls in his charge.  Most shocking of all: Charlie Rose molested women throughout his career.

Chairman at NPR Michael Oreskes and host Jeffrey Tambor stepped down after several women stepped forward to report sexual harassment of them at work.

Democrats Al Franken (MN) and John Conyers (MI) face withering charges via their sexual indiscretions for years.  Worse, our U.S. Congress paid out $17 million of our tax dollars to settle hundreds of sexual harassment charges.  Hundreds of Congressional men used the fund to settle charges against them.    What’s amazing about that?  Answer: they used our money to pay lawyers and payoffs to escape prison.

Jameis Winston, pro quarterback for the Buccaneers, faces rape charges from his college years.  How did he escape them?  Answer: lots of money by rich alumni!

While big names in the media, Hollywood, sports and business fall into the downward, swirling pit of the Dark Side—basic, decent Americans scratch their necks and pull their hats back at the egregious conduct of their leaders.

For certain, we all knew Bill Clinton preyed on and molested upwards of 42 women who stepped forward.  Ironically and methodically, Hillary Clinton demeaned all of them.  Worse, she enabled Bill Clinton in his sexual pursuits.

One of Bill Clinton’s 12-year lovers, Jennifer Flowers, penned a book:  Passion and Betrayal. It chronicles her romp in bed with Clinton all through his governorship in his Arkansas days. Astonishingly, state troopers drove Clinton to her house twice weekly.   Did Bill and Hillary enjoy a marriage?  Answer: they shared a path to power relationship based on deceit of themselves and the public. Nowhere near a marriage based on love, integrity and trust!

Along their sordid trails of sexual duplicity, a whole lot of people knew exactly what occurred with all those men, but never breathed a word about it.

As to domestic rapes and violence in the USA, 24 women face beatings every hour in America 24/7.  Three to six women die 24/7 from being killed by their husbands or significant others.

During the Iraq/Afghanistan Wars, 6,614 soldiers died in combat.  In that time, 11,766 women suffered death at the hands of their husbands or boyfriends.  Estimated number of children exposed to spousal violence daily worldwide: 10 million.

Chance for a high school teen suffering from violence on dates:  1 in 3.

Percentage of abused women in the USA who report being strangled by their spouse in the past year:  33 to 47.  (Source: “Fifty facts about domestic violence in America” by Soraya Chemaly)

If you look at brutality to women, Moslem dominated countries kill 20,000 women annually via ‘honor killings’, which range from disobeying their fathers or husbands, to wearing jeans to attempting to attend school. That’s 54 murders a day just for being a woman.

In the USA today with 3.3 million Moslems, experts estimate that over 513,000 little girls and women suffered female genital mutilation by practitioners of the Islamic faith.  All of them recent immigrants. It’s expressly against US laws to assault a child in this manner.  One Islamic doctor in Detroit, Michigan faces assault & battery for performing the operation for over 10 years.  Her defense: cultural practices. (Source: www.uscis.gov)

Today, in America, we see honor killings of women and teen girls for such actions as wearing jeans or demanding a divorce from an abusive husband. Last fall of 2016, in Rocky River, Ohio, a Moslem father shot his daughter twice in the head while she slept. Her sin? Answer: wearing jeans. I can site another dozen instances of honor killings in the USA from Moslem immigrants.

According to CDC statistics, over 90,000 American women suffer rape annually.  Even more distressing, 60 percent of women don’t report rapes.

Astoundingly: 7 out of 10 African-American children arrive out of wedlock.  The boys never see a father role model to guide them toward being responsible-kind-decent men. Those boys grow up to spread their sperm to every teen lady they meet without regard to personal accountability.

What does this information tell you?   How do you respond to it?  Why does it continue in 2017?  When will America face up to such violence within the borders of this country?

If you investigate the “50 facts about domestic violence in America,” the whole list sickens any decent man and/or woman.  While we hear about shootings in Chicago nightly and violence toward women in general from cop reports: cops’ number one call to serve stems from domestic violence.

How can such prolific aggression be stopped?  Since it breaches all ethnic and economic groups—I am at a loss for words or solutions. I am not sure anyone can enact a law or anything to stop such prolific violence toward the other 50 percent of the human race: women.

If any solutions exist, they might be the following:

  1.  Mandatory high school classroom studies on solving emotional issues with calm words and compromise rather than brutality at every grade level. Mandatory classes on violence and consequences.  Mandatory classes on rape and consequences.  Show students that sexual harassment and/or assault & battery toward a woman ends up in severe 3 to 5-year jail time.

  1. Create laws that cost the perpetrator in money and jail time so severe, that they must think about it before violating a woman.

  1. Show on TV and on social media the consequences of beating or raping a woman.  Make those consequences SO prohibitive that even a moron thinks twice before his violence toward his wife or girlfriend.

  1. We need mandatory semester-long before-marriage classes that promote-insist-educate men as to violence and consequences in the relationship.

  1. We need more and more safe houses where women can flee with their kids to escape a violent husband or other violent person.

  1. We need ongoing educational/consequential choices for all men at all levels.  We need women to speak up.

Have you got any ideas?  Let me know and I’ll publish them nationwide. I know one thing: my father never yelled at or hit my mother.  I have never yelled at or struck any woman. When young men enjoy good, role model fathers, those men become good, kind men. That’s what women need: good, kind men.

Originally posted on Sonoran News:

Harvey Weinstein, Bill Clinton, Dr. Nassar, Charlie Rose: All sexual predators

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