Borked under fire

As Americans become more entrenched in our strengthening secular bunker, attacks on Christianity have become more commonplace. Being too faithful is problematic, especially for those in public life as witnessed by the dishonorable attack by Sen. Diane Feinstein upon Amy Barrett, the Notre Dame Law school professor nominated by President Trump to the federal bench.

Barrett is beyond qualified.

After graduating with honors from Notre Dame, she clerked for Justice Antonin Scalia at the Supreme Court. Barrett is also the mother of seven children, including one with special needs and two others adopted from Haiti. In 2006, she addressed the Notre Dame Law School graduating class and had the moxie to inform them that, “If you can keep in mind that your fundamental purpose in life is not to be a lawyer, but to know, love, and serve God, you truly will be a different kind of lawyer.”

Such thinking is incompatible for any aspiring federal judge especially one appointed by a president so loathed by the Left.

Feinstein’s questioning highlighted the Left’s profound intolerance toward Christianity by disparaging Barrett’s Catholicism. “When you read your speeches,” Feinstein accused, “the conclusion one draws is that the dogma lives loudly within you.”

Surely, Feinstein believed she was making some kind of laudable Leftist point of contention, but instead paid Barrett one of the greatest off-handed compliments of recent memory.

Apostate Catholic Sen. Dick Durbin, who is also part of the judiciary committee and is pro-abortion and pro-gay marriage, took his shot at Barrett, “Do you consider yourself an orthodox Catholic?” Barrett answered the only way she could saying she was a faithful Catholic.

The Democrat duo of Feinstein and Durbin only served to validate their ardent disdain that being a faithful Catholic is enough to disqualify you as a federal judge even though the Constitution forbids it in Article VI.

Feinstein’s secular inquisition got even more ludicrous when the stale and obnoxious Sen. Al Franken — never one not to pass up an opportunity to ridicule a faithful conservative with an insipid assertion — compared a Barrett speech before the Alliance Defending Freedom to the genocidal Cambodian dictator, Pol Pot.

Earlier this year, Feinstein informed Supreme Court nominee Neil Gorsuch that Roe vs. Wade had “super precedent,” before she borked Gorsuch to determine if he agreed — proving that these hearings, too are about abortion.

In the leftist creed, abortion is sacrosanct.

Democrats love to argue that judges can base decisions on their personal views, but only when those views correspond and supplement leftist ideology.

Counterfeit Catholics Sens. Kennedy and Biden viciously attacked Robert Bork, also a Catholic, when they surmised he would vote to reverse Roe v. Wade back in 1987 when Bork was nominated to the Supreme Court coining his name into a verb and thus enshrining it into the American lexicon for generations of Democratic politicians to resurrect every time they try and shame a faithful conservative.

Democrats are still in Bork mode three decades later.

Envision any Republican grilling a Muslim nominee with the same heated fervor. Questioning and ridiculing Islamic Sharia Law, or making them explain and defend female genitalia mutilation. Such a scenario in cartoon America is strictly one for your imagination because it would never happen.

Any religious litmus test is not only unconstitutional, but stokes the embers of political discord that knows no geographic boundaries.

Another Trump nominee, this one to the Federal Election Commission, the accomplished Trey Trainor, also happens to be a conservative Catholic, so don’t expect anything different.

The purging of biblically rooted truths that are the very foundation of our laws continues, while hearings are used to repress any dissent. Christians are being pushed to the margins of public life. As the forces of secularism continue to influence and regulate the culture, Christians will continue to find themselves confronted with situations that run in direct conflict with their faith.

As long as you are the sort of Catholic who doesn’t take the church’s teaching on abortion and gay marriage seriously, then you are acceptable, otherwise the firing line knows no limits. It’s only acceptable to practice one’s faith inside a church only. Anything else, you are subject to ridicule for now, but what lies in the future only God knows.

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