A Bold, Delightful Lady against a Cruel Practice

The Oslo Freedom Forum usually takes place in Oslo, obviously. But occasionally they meet elsewhere — as they did in New York last week. One of the speakers was Leyla Hussein, born in Somalia. She has lived in Britain for many years. She is an extraordinary campaigner, a campaigner against FGM, i.e., female genital mutilation. She herself underwent this practice when she was seven. She describes it, bluntly, as a sexual violation, and a form of child abuse.

I have done a podcast with her, a Q&A, here. She is a superb advocate, and a delightful woman. We discuss many angles of her issue.

You know what class of people she has taken the most grief from? Fundamentalist men? No — white liberal women. Kind of interesting. Anyway, give a listen to Leyla Hussein. She is brave, on top of everything else: defiant in the face of death threats.

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