Video: Kelly Carlson on Maine FGM legislation

Maine actress Kelly Carlson discusses why the Maine legislature must pass its anti-FGM legislation immediately


  1. Seriously! The people in the US are worried about everything from a “bathroom bill” to supporting illegals on foodstamps, but they can’t be bothered to pass legislation on mutilation. Thank God, I don’t live there. They could at least pretend to care, SMH.

  2. Chakib E Toukale

    Hi Kelly,

    I don’t know you, but I love you so much. I am new immigrant to US. My wife face this terrible FGM and she still remembers this fear. We arrived to America with our daughther because I did not want my daughter to face the same situation my wife faced. Watching your video made me feel really good. Thank you for fighting to ban this terrible practice. We love you and God bless you

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