Frank Gaffney: As Maine Goes on Female Genital Mutilation

Candidate Donald Trump promised to stop importing jihadists and others who “don’t share our values.”  His administration is cleared to implement a partial immigration pause meant as a first step towards devising and implementing techniques to keep such people out – but permit entry for those seeking to embrace, and join in safeguarding, our constitutional freedoms.

Lawmakers in Maine are currently wrestling with one of the more horrific manifestations of distinctly anti-American values: the practice known as female genital mutilation.  The Centers for Disease Control estimate that over half-a-million girls and women in this country have already had their genitals mutilated, or are still at risk of being involuntarily disfigured in this fashion – including some now living in refugee communities in Maine.

FGM is a federal felony offense.  Maine should once again lead the nation by making it a state-level crime, as well.

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