Sharia’s Misogyny: Is It OK for Some Men to Mistreat Women?

For those of us who lived through the so-called “sexual revolution” of the last century – with its “free love” and “liberation” from the morality of a Judeo-Christian society – we seem increasingly to be in the midst of a counter-revolution. Thus far, its contours are still being shaped. But a growing number of prominent men from the political, journalism and entertainment communities are being identified and driven from their jobs for sexually harassing and/or abusing women in ways that might have been acceptable, if not actually “cool,” according to the “if it feels good, do it” norms of the 1960s and ’70s.

A race for the United States Senate was shaped by charges of sexual misconduct, and women who allege that President Trump has engaged in such behavior are now demanding his resignation.

In the midst of all this, however, there is a curious void – a kind of black hole for revelations and commentary. Virtually no mention is made, certainly in the mainstream media and elite punditry, about the fact that there is present around the world, including here in the United States, an institutionalized mistreatment of females of all ages.

That would be the Islamic totalitarian code its adherents call Sharia. Among other things, it condones – and in some cases makes obligatory – a litany of horrifically misogynistic practices.

These include: wife-beating, marital rape, child marriages, so-called “honor killings” and female genital mutilation (FGM).

To be sure, many Muslims do not practice their faith in accordance with these and other tenants of this supremacist code. They neither want to be obliged to live under its oppressive and barbaric requirements nor wish to impose them on the rest of us, as Sharia dictates.

Unfortunately, many millions of Muslims around the world – including the authorities of their faith – consider Sharia to be Islam. According to them, you cannot be a faithful follower of Allah without submitting fully to Sharia-supremacism and engaging in one form of jihad or another (violent, demographic, financial and/or subversive) to achieve its dominion worldwide.

For the latter, men’s domination of women is a central element of Sharia. Take, for example, the practice of permanently disfiguring the genitals of girls often as young as seven so that they are permanently unable to enjoy sexual pleasure. Muslims are not the only ones who engage in female genital mutilation. But as they immigrate to the West in large numbers (for example, according to Conservative Review, 1.8 million from 47 Muslim-majority nations have been admitted into the United States since 9/11), some are practicing FGM here.

Indeed, the first federal prosecution of an FGM trafficking ring based in Michigan that may have been responsible for mutilating as many as 100 little girls is underway, but you would scarcely know it from the minimal attention these indictments have received from most of the media, political leadership or even feminists.

An even more egregious instance of accommodation to this form of sexual – and child – abuse was on display recently across our northern border. In testimony before the national legislature in Ottowa, Ahmed Hussen – a Somali immigrant who is now Canada’s Minister for Immigration – adamantly refused to assure an articulate and clearly infuriated Member of Parliament, Michelle Rempel, that a “citizenship guide” now being prepared for migrants would warn them that FGM is illegal in that nation.

If we have reached the point where public officeholders, media personalities and other celebrities are no longer going to get away with groping and assaulting women and girls, surely we must not tolerate such behavior – and much worse – conducted systematically under the pretext of religious practice. Indeed, the defense in the Michigan FGM case is claiming that the mutilation of female children is actually a protected right under the U.S. Constitution.

Sharia-supremacism is a mortal threat to that Constitution and the Republic it governs. That should be grounds enough for preventing more of its adherents from coming here (a number of other national security experts and I recently argued in an amicus brief for the Supreme Court that such adherence should be a test for vetting would-be immigrants and refugees). We must also stop allowing a double-standard to apply that properly condemns non-Muslim sexual predators, but gives a pass to those here who insist that Sharia entitles them to mistreat, mutilate and even murder women.

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