A brief refresher.

Earlier this year, Federal authorities broke up an FGM network in the United States that had mutilated unknown numbers of young girls. The FGM network was linked to the Muslim sect of the Dawoodi Bohra. Now a Canadian survey shows that a disturbingly high percentage of Muslim Dawoodi Bohra women have undergone FGM.

Women from a small sect of Ismaili Muslims called the Dawoodi Bohras have reported that female genital mutilation has been performed on them in Canada, a study given to the federal government reveals.

The first research of its kind to probe the practice within this tightly knit South Asian community, the study found that 80 per cent of Bohra women surveyed have undergone FGM and two of the study’s 18 Canadian participants said it happened within Canada’s borders.

That’s a high percentage. And it tell us that if we bring them to America, the odds are good that they will have been mutilated. Or will arrange to mutilate them here.

It means that we’ll have to spent millions on enforcement. Or that we’ll be on the hook for the extensive medical expenses of their mutilated women who will suffer all sorts of problems because of their Islamic bodily mutilation ranging from incontinence to difficulty giving birth.

There’s a simple and obvious solution.

We ban polygamists from America. We should similarly ban any religious group that practices FGM.

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